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House Extensions
Growing families require a supplementary space for their daily fulfillments or hobbies such as puja room, study room, etc. But Residential properties around areas of the UK are in sky rocking cost so people prefer remodeling or expanding their own house for integrating extra space to fulfill their requirements. House extensions are becoming a premium on the field of residential renovations.

We are a professional home service provider providing a comprehensive list of high-quality house extension options, designs, and applications including home extentions, garages, amazing Living area, flat conversions with perfect firnish.

Loft Conversion
When our family grew up, then the first thing comes in our mind is how to find more space in our house. It is not a good thing to leave the old house for an extra room so instead of leaving the house, it is a good option to use extra space to live in i.e. to transform vacant and unfurnished aatic space into a useful space such as puja room, study room, kid’s room, etc. But for home improvements, there required a skilled loft conversion company capable of enhancing value to your attic property and transform it into your living space with less disruption and interference to the remaining areas of the house.

We RSBUILD works have an experienced team with effective loft conversion ideas that can easily tackle any complex design of your house and transform it’s cluttereddumping areas into the practical meaningful and comfortable room to live in.

Roofing Service
The roof is an elevated part of the building which acts as a fundamental aspect in construction. It must be constructed with all supporting materials with functional paremeters such as heat storm protection, secure, stable, strength, Fire Resistance, insulation, and durable. Because future fixing and replacement of any roof in affordable prices will become an obstacle for homeowners. So, it becomes necessary to choose the right person to perform roofing with quality products.

We RSBUilder are expertise in delivering numerous roofing options with advanced technologies suitable to a specific project, which will further result in satisfied customers. We are dealing with the entire domains of roofing services including commercial, residential, roof papering, metal roofs, Asphalt Shingles, flat, pyramid roofs with protective and qualitative materials.

Plastering is a mechanism of covering irregular surfaces of the wall or ceilings with a plastic substance i.e. a mixture of sand, water and concrete. Concrete should be workable with proper section thickness, reinforcement, density and compaction medium and carried out in 2-3 coats i.e. base coat, the rendering coat and finishing coat. The plastering is mainly used for appearance and security purposes of surface i.e. to make it more durable, smooth and clean surface. It permits covering up the wall with a porous material and to performs all interior works.

We deliver outstanding flexible plastering services including cement, mud and lime plastering with proper lime plaster installation suitable to trending demands and architecture of the wall. Our team has experience in both interior and exterior plastering and rendering service with the proper substitution of cement based materials. We guaranteed the qualitative service in affordable price.

Every building or apartment has its existence time period. After that specific time period, it can become dangerous for its neighbouring buildings. Thus demolition becomes a necessary task. The Demolition is a procedure of dismantling or breakup buildings. It takes place in two modes either partial or complete removal according to the suitable requirement. Although it is a tricky process that must be carried out with some key elements and issues in mind i.e. uncontrolled collapse, traffic management, worker involvement, noise production, materials, risks from neighbouring services and it must not affect the surrounding building. For demolition there required a professional team with entire safety measures and considerations.

We RSBUILDWORK have an expertise team that makes use of efficent engineering procedures to perform demolition work with consideration of every parameter required such as pre-demolition requirements, salvage material, design management, architecture detail survey and right tools for performing demolition of any project.

Rendering is required for smoothening or deliberately textured surface mostly carried out on exterior wall surfaces. For rendering a high proportion of sand is used for the concrete composition to perform various applications such as K-rend which boost the strength and water resistance. Normally the external parts of the building are constructed through clay block that does not provide an attractive appearance, for converting it into finished textured there is a need of two or three coats of rendering which in turn results in attractive visual appearance and waterproofing i.e. protect from rain penetration.

K rendering will also protects from hollowing, shrinkage, and crazing. We are providing high-end visualizations solution to our client with a high level of standardization that matches their requirements with excellent price.